In her own words…Patricia Bellan-Gillen

October 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Artic Dreams-Drawing a Line in the Snow

After years of studying cultural, dream, mythological and religious symbols, I am beginning to believe that the most interesting signs are the images that appear and keep pressing on one’s mind with no explanation—unexpected images that flash across the brain when phrases like “war by proxy,” “turn to salt” or “separation of church and state” are heard. Or the nascent compositions that appear while revisiting the “Spy vs. Spy” pages of vintage Mad Magazine or hearing the familiar Da-Da-DaDa-DaDa theme song from the Rocky and Bullwinkel Show.   Honoring these puzzling visages maps the direction that I have begun to follow in my paintings, prints and drawings.  In very simple terms, I want to make work that combines ideas and imagery generated through study and research with ideas and imagery that are felt, intuitive and enigmatic.

With everything said…I must add that I am an artist that finds absolute exhilaration in mark making, from the controlled and academic to the childlike and spontaneous. I often look to the work of outsider artists for inspiration and awe.  I want to achieve a weird elegance.  I welcome provocation and puzzles. I would like my drawings to confront the viewer simultaneously with beauty and awkwardness and to mediate grace with humor.  I place great trust in the viewer.

Then again, maybe I just like to draw animals.

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