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I work predominantly in non-static forms: video, performance art, and site-specific installation. My initial involvement with these media grew out of my desire for a more direct means of communication with an audience than traditional art-making offered, and my attempt to address more evocative emotional and social issues than standard formats were providing me with avenues to explore.  My early projects paralleled many similar evolutions in the seventies, exploring at first the boundaries between art and life by means of extended/real time events. Subsequently, my work became more overtly political using the format of large-scale multi-media environments to examine the impact of cultural phenomena on the lives of individuals.

I use art as a tool to investigate social issues. Rather than posing solutions to specific problems, my work asks viewers to re-examine the nature of their own positioning.  Since I derive my themes from personal experience, I hope to engage viewers in personal identification as well or in oppositional self definition. I believe that this will allow them to take more responsibility for themselves and for the human community in which they participate. The structure of my work reflects a profound commitment to the integration of theory with practice.  This synthesis is more accurately described in the term praxis: the critical revival of practice, setting practice into a critical framework of understanding.

Because my projects address pressing social issues within an aesthetic framework, they underscore the capacity of art to deal with relevant content.  The thematic material is broadly applicable so that these large scale participatory events often provide a forum for community awareness regarding the issues represented.  The site-specific nature of my work implies not only the physical specificity of location but also the cultural specificity of audience.  Direct initiatives throughout my work engage active participation by members of the community, including those who do not ordinarily make art a component of their lives.  Deliberately, my process does not remain hidden from the public in its planning stages, emerging fully formed at production time.  Rather, the projects solicit public opinion and participation throughout.  While there is no question that the final work reflects my own aesthetic sensibilities, those sensibilities are themselves established relationally.

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