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As an artist my primary goal has always been to create magic with my artwork and to serve as an intermediary between the physical world, the world 0f  existential illusion and everyday life. For thirty years my work has examined the edges of alternative photographic approaches. From my earliest clichés-verre to my pinhole photographs to my more recent combinations of 2D and 3D installation, I have developed  image and object-making systems that exploit photographic space, perception and reinforce the ambiguous character of my narratives.

I am a writer of fiction, and my stories— my photographs, dioramas, and installations— reflect the idea that frequently there is a better description of truth in fiction than you can find in documents of the phenomenal world:  The Mouth as Signifier of Status and Host for Pleasure and Pain.  Animal Investigations in the Name of Science.  Lack of Love on Foreign Soil.  Big Jars of Teeth Launch Careers.  Alleged Infidelity of Parents and What To Do About It. The narratives themselves represent fantasy masquerading as reality and emphasize an absurd world filled with the contradictory and inexplicable messages that bombard us daily. In this manner my work tends to function more like the irregular spray of a shotgun shell rather than a well-placed bullet. It moves in the general direction of my aim, scatters in the name of expression, and occasionally, if I’m lucky, hits something.

After a couple of decades of making art I finally have something to say….

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