Welcome to Eco Art Tech!

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about_bio-March131Cary Peppermint and Leila Nadir together produce work under the name Eco Art Tech. Their work engages various contemporary issues dealing with sustainability and ecology using custom built software that forms an innovative approach to activism and new media technologies. We believe that their work walks a critical line between medium specific practices and contemporary issues in art and culture. A collaboration between our schools to bring Eco Art Tech to Alfred would be a fantastic experience for our students as well as the students in the Divisions of Expanded Media, Foundations, Art History and perhaps others as well. In my brief conversation with Cary and Leila, they expressed an interest in giving a presentation of their work, potentially giving graduate student studio visits and perhaps holding a workshop using their “indeterminate hike” project, found here: http://ecoarttech.org/projects/indeterminate-hike

Leila and Cary’s research has been awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts Digital/Electronic Arts Fellowship, a New York State Council on the Arts Media Arts Distribution Grant, a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Environmental Humanities, and a Franklin Furnace Performance Grant. They have exhibited and lectured at the Whitney Museum, UCLA, MIT Media Lab, Banff New Media Institute, European Media Art Festival, Neuberger Museum of Art, and the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga. Their works are in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Walker Art Center, Rhizome.org at the New Museum for Contemporary Art, Turbulence.org of New Radio & Performing Arts, Inc., and the Cornell University Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art. Leila earned her PhD in literature from Columbia University and was Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at Wellesley College in 2010-2011. Cary is Assistant Professor of Digital Art at University of Rochester, where Leila teaches humanities courses in the sustainability studies program. For more information about their work: http://ecoarttech.org/

Lou Krueger LIVE @ STUDIO Visits!

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This week we welcome artist Lou Krueger to the stage! Join us Wednesday October 3rd at 9am in Nevins Theater in Powell!  Lou will talk about his photographs, cameras and installations…,and then have a great conversation with the SOAD graduate students and the audience. Lou is a wise and sharing teacher, an inspired artist and a delightful person. You shouldn’t miss this chance to hear him speak!  And then…join us in Holmes Harder Hall Wednesday evening at 9PM… he will be giving his Marriage Manifesto !

Todd Bartel LIVE@STUDIO Visits!

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This week we welcome artist and teacher Todd Bartel from Watertown Massachusetts. Please join us at 9am on Wednesday October 19th to learn more about his collage work that spans painting, drawing and sculpture and examines the roles of landscape and nature in contemporary culture.

Todd Bartel received a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design in 1985 and also studied in Rome as part of RISD’s European Honors Program between 1984-1985. He earned his MFA in painting from Carnegie Mellon University in 1993. In 1990, Bartel was a recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship (U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.) and in 2000, he was awarded a Connecticut Council on the Arts Fellowship Grant in support of the continuation of his drawing series, “Garden Studies” and related “Terra Reverentia” assemblage series. Bartel has taught at Harvard University, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Manhattanville College and Bridgeport University. He has been a guest critic at Rhode Island School of Design. Since 1998 Bartel has served as both an Artist Teacher and a visiting critic at Vermont College, MFA in Visual Art program. Since 2002, Bartel teaches drawing, painting, sculpture, installation art and conceptual art at the Cambridge School of Weston, Weston, MA. Bartel is the founder and the Director of the Cambridge School’s Thompson Gallery, a teaching gallery dedicated thematic inquiry, and “IS” (Installation Space), a proposal-based installation gallery.

In his own words…

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The History of collage and landscape painting are the same story. Since 1998 I have dedicated my artistic production to understanding and advocating for environmental concerns. In my drawings and collages, land depiction often appears in my work as marginalized or appropriated landscapes; while in my sculptures I often construct iconic “landviews,” which question the ways in which natural resources are consumed and how the surface of the planet is maintained.    ——Todd Bartel

For more information on Todd Bartel and for examples of his work, please visit:  http://toddbartel.tumblr.com

Laurie Beth Clark LIVE@STUDIO Visits!

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This week we welcome artist, educator, and writer Laurie Beth Clark from Madison Wisconsin to Nevins Theater at 9am!

Laurie Beth Clark is a Professor of Non-Static Forms in the Art Department of the University of Wisconsin where, since 1985, she has taught studio classes in Video, Performance, and Installation, as well as Special Topics like Collaboration and Relational Aesthetics and more than twenty different academic seminars in Visual Culture Studies.  Since the 1980s, Clark has been making large-scale, site-specific installations and solo and collaborative performances, single-channel and multi-channel video works, and virtual environments.  She has done more than 150 shows and performances in thirty-five countries on five continents. Documentation of her creative work can be found at www.lbclark.net. Her work has been recognized with funding from the Art Matters, Arts Midwest, Film in the Cities, Jerome Foundation, McKnight Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Wisconsin Arts Board and roughly one hundred reviews in newspapers and periodicals. Clark also collaborates with Michael Peterson under the group name Spatula&Barcode to produce projects that emphasize conviviality, locality, and food.

Parallel with her creative practice, Clark publishes critical and scholarly essays in print journals, electronic journals, and anthologies. Since 2001, Clark has been working on a global comparative study of trauma memorials.  The monograph in progress Always Already Again: Trauma Tourism and the Politics of Memory Culture includes research on apartheid memorials in South African, atomic bomb sites in Japan, clandestine torture centers in Argentina and Chile, commemoration of the American War in Vietnam, concentration camps in Germany and Poland, genocide memorials in Rwanda and Cambodia, and slave forts in Ghana.

in her own words…

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I work predominantly in non-static forms: video, performance art, and site-specific installation. My initial involvement with these media grew out of my desire for a more direct means of communication with an audience than traditional art-making offered, and my attempt to address more evocative emotional and social issues than standard formats were providing me with avenues to explore.  My early projects paralleled many similar evolutions in the seventies, exploring at first the boundaries between art and life by means of extended/real time events. Subsequently, my work became more overtly political using the format of large-scale multi-media environments to examine the impact of cultural phenomena on the lives of individuals.

I use art as a tool to investigate social issues. Rather than posing solutions to specific problems, my work asks viewers to re-examine the nature of their own positioning.  Since I derive my themes from personal experience, I hope to engage viewers in personal identification as well or in oppositional self definition. I believe that this will allow them to take more responsibility for themselves and for the human community in which they participate. The structure of my work reflects a profound commitment to the integration of theory with practice.  This synthesis is more accurately described in the term praxis: the critical revival of practice, setting practice into a critical framework of understanding.

Because my projects address pressing social issues within an aesthetic framework, they underscore the capacity of art to deal with relevant content.  The thematic material is broadly applicable so that these large scale participatory events often provide a forum for community awareness regarding the issues represented.  The site-specific nature of my work implies not only the physical specificity of location but also the cultural specificity of audience.  Direct initiatives throughout my work engage active participation by members of the community, including those who do not ordinarily make art a component of their lives.  Deliberately, my process does not remain hidden from the public in its planning stages, emerging fully formed at production time.  Rather, the projects solicit public opinion and participation throughout.  While there is no question that the final work reflects my own aesthetic sensibilities, those sensibilities are themselves established relationally.

in his own words….

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Integrating video, live music, and performance art, I metaphorically parallel the division between air and land with the division between language and its meaning. From here, my works reveal both the poetry and gracelessness of straddling the language/meaning divide. This merger of process-oriented art and electro nu-wave music delivers a nerdy audiovisual spectacle that recalls Bruce Nauman and Joseph Beuys as much as it does Devo.

A SPECIAL Studio Visits!

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Studio Visits will welcome Stan Shellabarger + Dutes Miller for a special edition of the Wednesday morning lecture and talk show next week April 13, 2011. In addition, they will be creating a new performance on campus in the days that follow! More about this to come! In the meantime, check out more about their work at http://www.westernexhibitions.com/miller_shellabarger/

Photo: Untitled (Grave), Debuted at the Volta art fair in Basel in 2008, Miller & Shellabarger dug, in close proximity to each other, two holes, deep and large enough for each man to lie in. They then dug a small tunnel between the holes that enabled them to hold hands while lying in the graves.     (Thanks to Western Exhibitions for the photo.)

[sound: loud applause]

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Can you hear the big round of applause welling up from Holmes and traveling all the way to your ears? That’s us, thanking you dear visitors! What a wonderful semester of interesting art, lovely artists, and fun moments! We thank you all: Joshua, Ruth, Brian, Lori, Bob, Patricia, Lenka, Tom, Greg, and Katy! And a special thanks to the interviewers (the Sculpture Graduate Students) and to Lucas and Randy for all their technical expertise. May you enjoy your days, until we meet again!

—–Michelle Illuminato

Next Up, Greg Pierce!

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On Wednesday November 10th we welcome Greg Pierce to STUDIO Visits!

Greg is an artist and musician and, together with Jeff Armstrong and Michael Johnsen founded Orgone Cinema in 1993. Greg will be sharing rare and interesting films from the Orgone Archive.

The Orgone Archive is a motion picture archive and screening outfit based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specializing in inscrutable epiphanies, toilet trims, unknown what-have-yous, perfect industrial rolls, home movie printing tests, corporate comedies, Warholian strikebreaking screeds, the all-around beautiful and everything else. Originally founded as a break-even motion picture exhibition group dedicated to a sincere film culture in Pittsburgh, it presented unique monthly shows of home movies, industrial, educational, experimental, and documentary films, light and sound performances, and visiting film and videomakers at the Silver Eye Center for Photography on the city’s South Side. Orgone is also (and was) a travelling cinema band that screens and performs films at home and nationally. Greg Pierce, Assistant Curator of Film and Video at The Andy Warhol Museum, is the current custodian of this proudly fringe collection.  (This week will be held in Nevins Theater, Powell Campus Center)

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